Megan Marie Hart is pleased to offer voice lessons at Loreley Studios!

She is dedicated to creating a safe environment for you to explore your talent and find your true voice. She teaches classic bel canto technique as a foundation for vocal excellence.

At Loreley Studios, you will learn how to develop correct breath technique, beauty and consistency of tone, clarity in diction, and solidification and expansion of range. Ms. Hart values your vocal health above all else, and emphasis is placed on learning anatomy and natural healthy voice production. She welcomes students of all ages, abilities, and levels of musical experience:

  • For beginning singers, Loreley Studios offers a nurturing place to discover your talent and focus on technique and the fundamentals of musicality. 
  • For the intermediate and advanced singer, Loreley Studios offers a place to polish your instrument, refine your technique, and to focus on your personal artistry as a whole singer.
  • For the professional singer with solid technique, Loreley Studios offers operatic and musical theatre coaching, to get you ready for your next performance or audition.

For more information, please visit the Studio website: